Do Longboard Wheels Really Matter?

With all the hype on longboard wheels, aren’t they just a piece of rubber, “does it matter if I just get a knock of brand and save some money?” That of course is always an option, but keep in mind that a longboard wheel goes through a lot, they are what take the initial brunt of all the bumps, cracks, and rough surfaces you ride over. Just imagine your hand getting road rash from falling on the hill you were bombing the other day…..your longboard wheels have to deal with that non-stop, especially if you are doing any power sliding. Though they may cost a little more up front, the better known wheel manufactures make a more quality product that will last you a lot longer than the cheap ones and save you quite a bit in the long run check this out.

However, duration is only a small part of it, you need to also keep in mind that your longboard wheels greatly affect the performance of your board, bigger wheels make your longboard faster and give your ride more grip. Also keep in mind that the hardness of your wheel will make a huge difference in how your board rides as well. The softer the wheel the more grip it has (the softest wheel rating is 75a) but the harder it is to slide. The harder wheels give you less grip which makes them great for sliding. Be sure to make sure you get longboard wheels that fit your needs and riding style.