Dash cam buying guide


Multiple names have been coined to refer to them. You can call them car cameras, dashboard cameras, others call them car DVRs while you can also refer to them as accident recorders. But the most popular one among them all is the dash cam. When they are referred to as accident cameras, you can think that they are only used to record accidents, which is not the case as they can take a lot into account other than the occurrence of accidents. Even though most of us know them to be located on the dashboard, they can also be located at the rare end of the vehicle.

Information about dash cams

Dash cams are made in a unique way such that they have the ability to record proceedings dhjdkjdjkddkjdjwithout necessarily having to pause. That is why you will realize that those drivers who drive vehicles that are fitted with these cameras, will drive with ease since they know that everything that is going on is recorded.

Those that have been manufactured most recently not only have the ability to record in multiple modes but they are also GPS enabled, such that they can show where you are located as they can as well show the speed at which you are traveling. One can buy the best dual video recording devices for cars.

Since many vehicle owners have come to learn of the advantages and importance that these dash cams have, demand for them has greatly increased. Equally, manufacturers have produced a variety of them to an extent that you can be confused on which one to purchase. This is why it is important that you go over the buying guide below so that you can clearly know the features that you should look out for when purchasing a dash cam.

Video quality

The first thing that you should take into consideration when you are purchasing a dash cam, is the quality of video that it captures. When making a purchase, experts recommend that you buy a dash cam that is able to shoot/capture high definition videos. If you are patient enough to shop around, it is possible that you can get a high definition dash cam that is decent at a fairly low price. But it is also important that you do not lay much emphasize on the price and end up compromising on quality. Always authenticate the genuineness of the product so that you do not purchase fake dash cam.


When making a dash cam purchase, it is important to take into account the level of discretion that it offers. Purchase a camera that has a size that is small enough, which will allow you to conceal it at the rearview mirror. When it comes to color, it is advisable that you go with black, since its one color that cannot be noticed that easily and can always blend well with the rare view mirror.


dhjdjhdkjksjskjskjAs it is with when you are making any purchase, reliability is key. Ensure that the dash cam you purchase is reliable so that you can avoid a scenario where you will experience constant hungs in recording or even images that are blurred or poor.

Also, remember to consider the security feature that the dash cam offers. The more the features, the …

Why A Cable Modem Router Combo?


The good thing about choosing a cable modem router is that you get the flexibility of placing your router at any given location. In this way, you get easy internet access. Also, you can tweak the performance of router with the assistance of third party firmware. This makes it a reliable product. The majority of cable modem routers have enhanced security features such as DOCSIS 3.0, and the modern ones have DOCSIS 3.1. This means that they are ideal for your internet browsing needs.

Also, it is necessary to have modem and router combos to utilize wired broadband or cable internet connection. In this way, you can get great speeds at affordable rates with a wired connection. You need a cable modem router for your computers and other electronic devices to access the internet.

Cable modem wi-fi combo

tgwedfc6ywed7uj22Rather than buying a cable modem, which will offer a wired connection to your desktop and laptop devices, you can use a modem router combo to allow others access your internet via a wireless means. Also, a combo will save you a lot of money spent on hardware when you buy a modem and a router separately.

Modem router versus separate

Whenever you buy a modem router combo, you get a modem and a router. The task of a modem is to convert the data that flows through the cable into a gateway to access the internet. On the other hand, the router provides a bridge network, which enables other computers to connect to your internet platform with use of multiple cables. Some routers have wi-fi capabilities. In this way, you can access the internet through a wireless connection.

If you want to save both money and space, then you need a modem router combo. You should note that modems, which come with wireless combination also contain several security features that you may not find in separate modems. Thus, migrating to use of combo is a sound decision.

Buy new or refurbished?

When it comes to the electronic devices, it is advisable to purchase new products. This also applies to modems and routers. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a modem router combo, then you are advised to buy a new device.t2g3wefcvu23ed8uj2i22

However, your financial concerns are also valid. In such a case, you can purchase a refurbished modem router combo. It is likely to offer you great functionality though for a limited time.…

Tips For Choosing The Best Drone That You Should Know


A decade ago, drones were seen as a wonder. However, they are all over nowadays and assisting in performing various tasks like photography, disaster management, and many others. Apart from various companies like production companies which find drones very useful, individual people are also buying drones for various purposes. GoPro Drones are some of the best to consider whether for individual use or company use. Additionally, the below points will help when one is looking for a good drone.

Tips for choosing the best drone

Search online

With a high demand for drones, then one can imagine how many brands of drones have come up. Some of them offer good quality devices while others don’t. Therefore, it is crucial to do a detailed research of the drones on the market and their descriptions. Review websites usually come in handy at this point as they can guide you on the best drones. Also, check the customer feedback on various drones to make sure there is a positive response on the same.


Check durability

Drones can be exposed to harsh weather conditions like dust, rain, and even snow. Therefore its structure and material must be strong to overcome all these. A water proof drone will not limit the user even when raining or being used near a water body like a river, flooded areas or the ocean. Make sure the drone can withstand a fall in case there is a hitch during its mission.

Consider functionality

Do you want to record for long, on high altitude or any other special need? Drones have a limit in their capabilities which vary from one brand to another. Make sure that a drone can sufficiently perform the tasks that made you choose it. Most important, its functions should be of standard or higher quality.

Check features

The features of a drone you should have more interest in are those that perform various tasks apart from flying. Almost all drones are fitted with a camera that can either take images or record footage. The quality of the camera matters a lot. It should have a real time auto focus, high resolution, ability to zoom and even a higher storage capacity. If the drone is for any other purpose, then the features should fit that without a compromise.

With the above tips, you can rest assured that the drone you buy will give value for money and serve you best. When buying make sure you choose from reliable sellers.…