As computers get more and more powerful, the technology once considered out of our reach has become much easier to obtain. This is particularly true when it comes to video editing. Whether you intend to engage in full-scale film production or put together short online clips, you can easily find a laptop to suit your requirements and needs.

However, before making a purchase, there are some things to consider when buying a video editing laptop. First of all, you will have to know what kind of video editing you want to do. Do you want to make a web series? Do you want to make a short online clip? Do you want to capture your gameplay video and post it on Youtube?

In general, almost every laptop will be able to handle the smaller stuff. However, if you plan on doing some big work, you will have to invest in a more powerful and faster laptop.e2r45thyhgdfs

Some key considerations when buying a video editing pc


For starters, you will need a decent amount of storage space. In most cases, that means at least 1 TB of hard drive capacity. Keep in mind that one minute of video taken at 1920×1080 can take up more than 500 MB. If you plan on editing full-length movies, an external hard drive is a must-have.

Also, consider the type of the drive. If you have the budget, go with an SSD. Otherwise, consider getting two HDDs and connecting them via a RAID array.


Next up, consider a CPU. Since the speed of video editing is mostly dependent on the CPU, you will definitely need a fast CPU. Therefore, make sure to get a laptop that features at least a 4-core CPU.


Your video editing laptop should have at least 4 Gb of RAM memory. For the best results, go with at least 8 gigabytes. Keep in mind that if you get a laptop with low memory, you can always upgrade it by adding additional RAM sticks.

GPU and display

Video editing is also heavily dependent on GPU power. That means you should buy a laptop that features a dedicated graphics card, not an integrated one. So, look for laptops that have dedicated graphics cards with at least 2 GB of video memory. When it comes to the display, you will need a decent 17-inch, full HD screen. Make sure it is a LED display, as it offers even brightness and constant backlight across the screen, as well as better colors.

The software

34tyhfgdsfdLast, but not least, consider the software. If you are interested in editing simple clips and movies, free online tools will do just fine. If you have a decent camera, you could even edit your small movies on that. However, if you plan on doing something a bit more complex and complicated, you will need more advanced paid software tools. When looking for these tools, just make sure to look for those that are compatible with your OS, as there are some specifically designed for Macs, as well as those specifically designed for Windows laptops.

In the end, when picking the right video editing laptop, you should look to strike a perfect balance. Avoid laptops with extremely powerful CPUs and subpar GPUs. You can be sure a well-balanced laptop will serve you perfectly well when doing all kinds of video editing.